Welcome to CreditHQ - helping small businesses get control of their money! Know the credit status and payment performance of over 5 million companies. Start finding out now!.

Get control of your money

At CreditHQ we help you get control of your money by providing financial insights to ensure your business is trading with the best customers & suppliers and most importantly we help you get paid on time! Make informed decisions on whether you should offer credit terms to a new customer; Chase outstanding invoices when you’re alerted to changes in a customer’s finances; Improve your own credit score so that you can improve your own cash flow.

How can we do that?


Easily assess who won’t pay their invoices on time and who is credit worthy by accessing credit and payment data from our database of 7 million company records


Be the first to know if their financial situation changes, by receiving regular emails updating you on credit activity, ensuring you can act in a timely manner if something should happen

You can sign up for CreditHQ today for free and start checking the credit risk and payment history of your customers, suppliers, and competitors.

Who are we?

CreditHQ is supported by Ormsby Street and we're committed to creating easy to use software and jargon free services for small businesses to help them make better decisions.


Corporate LiveWire Innovation Winner 2017
Credit Today Awards 2016 Finalist
Amazon Growing Business Award Finalist
National Business Awards Finalist
Startups Awards 2016 Finalist
UK IT Industry Awards 2016 Finalist